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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sunday bonnets or Sunbonnets

Hats used to be THE FASHION statement in the South. Most ladies or girls would own what was called a Sunbonnet.
With the hot sun, and harsh weather conditions the sunbonnet was their do it all fashion accessory. Some of the early sunbonnet styles were made with casing in the brim of the sunbonnet, so that wooden slats could be inserted into it to hold the brim of the bonnet out to shield the face. These sunbonnets find their sweetness in their simplicity of style.  They are the most practical way to prevent sunburn on the cheeks and nose, shade eyes, and keep those "things" from getting in the hair while little girls play, explore, and help around the yard.  The bonnets are intended to play in, but many styles of the Sunbonnets were made, fancy versions for church and social occasions.

But a true picture of a Southern Belle was not just sunbonnets but the big floppy hats. It is said, women need occasions to wear hats and the confidence to wear them. When I was young, women wore a hat to church every Sunday. She had beautiful hats that matched her suits or dress. (And her "bag" always matched her shoes, too.) There were hats in any color and style you can imagine, and some that you can't.

Southern ladies don’t wear hats like they used too, but I love to sport one every now and then. I think they make a fashion statement.  Like I said earlier, you have to have confidence and true Southern gentleness to sport these beautiful hats. I can just see me wearing one of these beauties......

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  1. I think these are beautiful hats. I've been searching the web for one and ran across your blog . Would you know where iI could buy some thing like these . I'm wanting to make my daughter a southern belle for Halloween . I cant afford anything near this gorgeous . just thought i would ask you I'm 60 miles from Spfld in a town called Mountain Grove. im disabled so i online shop for everything but my search is getting me no where. porcelain65711@yahoo.com