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Being Southern is more than where I am from, it is who I am. I love the South with its great beauty and wonderful deep-south traditions. I am Bev Allen, a true Southern Belle;. I am married to the love of my life Rick Allen. We lived and raised our two children, Chris Allen and Teresa Mosley (married to Randy) in the Great Southern states. Family is important and my grandson Lane, our most precious treasure. We love God and people and devoted our lives in His service. This blog is to share a little of what I enjoy and experienced, a little Southern Joy!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


The only drink for a true Southern Lady is Ice Tea. I make it by the gallons. My children started drinking tea in their bottles. It is cool like a nice breeze, refreshing like a summer rain. I pray Lipton never goes out of business. Some like lemon, lime or some kind of berry. Not me! Best served in a pint jar with lots of ice. I am and will be forever faithful to the Southern art of sipping ICE TEA!


  1. Amen! Ditto! I could almost taste it as I read your blog!

  2. I really enjoy being able to keep up with you guys! Just thought it was funny about the sweet tea. Here in Thailand, people have never heard of such and even other missionaries who visit us cannot believe we have a gallon of tea in the fridge at all times! Nothing like the South!! I miss it so much, but my heart will always be there!