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Being Southern is more than where I am from, it is who I am. I love the South with its great beauty and wonderful deep-south traditions. I am Bev Allen, a true Southern Belle;. I am married to the love of my life Rick Allen. We lived and raised our two children, Chris Allen and Teresa Mosley (married to Randy) in the Great Southern states. Family is important and my grandson Lane, our most precious treasure. We love God and people and devoted our lives in His service. This blog is to share a little of what I enjoy and experienced, a little Southern Joy!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Riverboat

A Southern river icon is the riverboat. With its majestic giant paddles the riverboat commands the river moving with elegance and grace. Just about every major river in the South has a riverboat that offers many visitors to the South a little experience of the South's historical beauty. The mighty Mississippi has the Mississippi Belle, Arkansas River has the Arkansas Queen, Cumberland River has the General Jackson, etc. When I was a kid I loved reading Mark Twain as he wrote the magical words that would transport any kid on the many adventures of the mighty river. The riverboat not only provided transportation down the various rivers, but also offered entertainment along the way. Ringing out with Southern music, like heartfelt ballads, jamborees, jazz, or deep soulful spirituals, giving passengers on these beautiful boats a memorable Southern experience.

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  1. In Kentucky, it's the Louisville Belle. That's "Lu-ah-vul" I remember a young lady from eastern Ky made it to the Miss USA pagent and was on Donald Trump's yacht with all the contestants. Donald came up to her and asked if she had ever been on a yacht that size before and she replied, "I've been on the Louisville Belle." Mr. Trump exclaimed, "Are you comparing my yacht to a riverboat?!!"