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Being Southern is more than where I am from, it is who I am. I love the South with its great beauty and wonderful deep-south traditions. I am Bev Allen, a true Southern Belle;. I am married to the love of my life Rick Allen. We lived and raised our two children, Chris Allen and Teresa Mosley (married to Randy) in the Great Southern states. Family is important and my grandson Lane, our most precious treasure. We love God and people and devoted our lives in His service. This blog is to share a little of what I enjoy and experienced, a little Southern Joy!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Most Southern states during the winter months rarely experience any significant amount of snow. However, it seems we have more ice storms. An ice storm is characterized by freezing rain, creating a glazed event. Although it can paint a beautiful wonderland, it can be a little creepy when the freezing rain comes at night. The cracking of tree limbs breaking sends shivers down my spine.  Ice storms can also be very dangerous. Ice-covered roads become slippery and hazardous, as the ice causes vehicles to skid out of control, which can cause devastating car crashes as well as pile-ups.  In addition to hazardous driving or walking conditions, branches or even whole trees may break from the weight of ice. Falling branches can block roads, tear down power and telephone lines, and cause other damage. Even without falling trees and tree branches, the weight of the ice itself can easily snap power lines and also break and bring down power/utility poles

Although ice occurs regularly, I can remember two very memorable ice storms. New Years Eve in 1978, We were living in Dallas, there was a huge ice storm that moved into the Dallas/Ft Worth area. I remember a huge tree broke in half in our yard and pulled our electrical box out the wall. We had to leave our home and move in with friends. We spent New Years Day, gathered around a fireplace and playing cards by Coleman lanterns. Many in the area were without power for days. People huddled in homes around who ever had gas stoves to stay warm. The Cotton Bowl parade was cancelled and the game was played in an ice-covered stadium.
The other was January 2007, right here in Springfield, MO. For weeks Springfield was paralyzed. Thousands went without power – some for days, many for weeks- shelters filled, residents huddled around fireplaces. It was an historical event. 
Well, winter is upon us. We will see what 2013 will bring.

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